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    African clothing from Africastyles
    Tel: 1-877-832-5986

    African clothing attires for today's women. Elegant, practical and affordable African fashion for all occasions. We have all the selections in traditional and contemporary African outfits for weddings, special occasion, for work, shop or play.

    Ariya spe-2105
    African fashion for weddings 4-piece exquisite  traditional African wedding outfit. Lace and hand-loomed Yoruba Aso Oke fabric.

    Your Price: $359.0

    Aso Oke spe-2012
    African wedding clothing 4-piece Hand-woven Aso Oke. Typical of Nigeria's Yoruba Royalty. Buba(blouse), Iro(wrapper), Gele(head-tie) and Ipele(shawl) to match. Silver, gold and green pattern. Embroidery in gold and green color.

    Your Price: $475.0

    Adelee spe-2210
    Mope wedding outfit 4-piece traditional Yoruba Aso Oke African outfit for special occasion. Blouse, wrapper, head-ties and shawl. Matching embroidery.

    Your Price: $475.0

    Nigerian Outfit spe-1060a
    Yoruba Buba and Iro

    Traditional African clothing for weddings. 3-piece Nigeria Buba and wrapper with matching gele (head-tie) and embroidery.

    Your Price: $185.0
    Aso Oke spe-2240 Aso Oke spe-2240
    Hand-woven 4-piece Aso Oke typical of Nigeria's Yoruba Royalty.
    Buba, Iro, Gele and Ipele in gold, red and purple pattern.
    Embroidery in purple color.

    Your Price: $475.0
    Nigerian Buba spe-1041
    Buba spe-1041

    3-piece Buba, wrapper with matching gele (head-tie). Stunningly beautiful embroidery.

    Your Price: $185.0

    Kaftan EN-1321

    2 piece - full-length dress with flared sleeves and front slits, and head-wrap. Matching embroidery. Tie-dyed cotton brocade in white, purple and black color.

    Your Price: $155.0


    Elegant African clothing for women Amuria
    2-piece elegant African fashion outfit. 3/4-length gown with flared sleeves and side slits.

    Your Price: $155.0


    Casma EE-1504
    2-piece elegant African attire. Dress with flared sleeves, sewed-on skirt and head-wrap. Unique tie-dyed brocade fabric design and matching trims.

    Your Price: $185.00

    Casma EE-1503
    2-piece elegant African attire. Dress with flared sleeves, sewed-on skirt and head-wrap. Unique tie-dyed brocade fabric design and matching trims.

    Your Price: $185.00

    Africastyles Pharaoh Kaftan outfit Embroidered Bubu ee-1080

    Pharaoh Kaftan and pants in tie and dye cotton fabric. Embroidered Bubu and pants for a sophisticated look. Purple/blue color.

    Your Price: $175.0

    Gorgeous Tie-Dye ee-1410
    tie-dyed elegant African Bubu attire 2-piece gorgeous outfit in tie-dye. Bubu and head-tie with matching embroidery.

    Your Price: $175.0

    Work & Play CA-0871
    3-piece African outfit for work or play. Fully lined blouse, skirt and head-wrap. For perfect fit and slimmer look.

    Your Price: $150.00

    Work & Play CA-3002
    African attire for Business or pleasure, made with 100% printed Ghana wax in wine, blue and beige colours.

    Your Price: $165.00

    Afriganza Attire ca-0801
    Ladies' African attire for work or pleasure. Sleeveless blouse, flared skirt, and head-wrap in attractive colors and slimmer look.

    Your Price: $145.00