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    Tel: 1-877-832-5986

    African clothing attire - elegant, beautiful and affordable African fashion outfits for today's men  and women. We have all the selections in contemporary African fashion attire to meet your active lifestyle.

    African Wedding Clothing Outfits for Men

    Yoruba Aso Oke Agbada wedding attire Agbada we-2002M
    4-piece Nigerian Agbada apparel. Hat, Buba, flowing Agbada and pants with embroidery.

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    Babariga African clothing Babariga mspe-1020
    Men's 4-piece African Babariga clothing apparel. Hat, long-sleeved shirt, flowing Buba and pants with embroidery.

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    Babariga Outfit Babariga mspe-1010
    Men's Babariga African apparel. Hat, long-sleeved shirt, flowing Buba and pants with embroidery.

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    Elegant African clothing for men

    Men's Gbarie African fashion Gbarie mspe-1111
    3-piece Gbarie outfit. Hand-loomed Aso Oke material with matching embroidery.

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    elegant african fashion Men's Attire mee-1010
    Hat, long sleeved flowing Buba, and pants - all with heavy matching embroidery.

    African kaftan Attire mee-1240
    Long sleeved Buba, pants and hat - all with beautiful matching embroidery.

    Elegant Kaftan mee-1061
    3-piece elegant outfit for men. Kaftan, hat and pants with beautiful matching embroidery.

    Your Price: $200.0

    Men's Kaftan Attire mee-7030
    3-piece African clothing attire for men. Kaftan, pants and contrasting hat - with embroidery.

    Your Price: $185.00


    Kente Outfit mee-1440
    3-piece elegant African clothing for men - Buba, hat and pants in printed Kente fabric. Matching embroidery.

    Your Price: $175.00

    Casual African clothing for men

    Yoruba outfit Yoruba Outfit mce-1050
    Buba (shirt), sokoto (pant) and fila (hat). Matching embroidery. Wear to parties, weddings and other elegant outing.

    Nigerian Buba MCE-2500
    3-piece men's buba, sokoto and hat outfit. Material is printed wax in blue, gold and white patterns.

    Your Price: $175.00

    Yoruba Outfit mce-1021G
    3-piece African outfit for men. Buba (shirt),sokoto (pants) and matching hat. Brocade fabric with embroidery.

    Your Price: $185.0

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