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    African clothing from Africastyles
    We are onAfricastyles on gplus

    African wedding clothing for women Fabulous African clothing for weddings and special occasions. If you are planning or having an African-themed wedding, then review our selection of wedding attires for men and women. Whether you are looking for wedding outfit for the bride and groom, or for your entire bridal party Africastyles can provide all that you need for your special African Wedding.

    women's african wedding attiresSelections include hand-loomed Yoruba Aso Oke, highest-grade Guinea brocade and 100% cotton prints and more...

    Make Africastyles clothing your first choice for your African-themed weddings, anniversaries and special occasions. Wedding Consultants and Planners: contact us for special deals on wedding and bridal plans. Go to African wedding apparel and dresses

    elegant African attire in tie-dye fabric Elegant Evening Apparel

    Make a statement in our variety of African clothing for an elegant evening on the town! Choose from a wide selection of elegant Dashiki, 3-piece Princess Kaftans, unique designs in tie-dye fabric and much more... all with sophisticated embroidery...More elegant african fashion attire for women

    African clothes for work and play

    Clothing for Work & Play

    Preview our selection of outfits for work or play. Collection includes 3-piece versatile ensembles and 2-piece embroidered blouses and matching pants.Choose from cotton wax print, tie-dye or brocade material. Click for African attire for work and play

    African weddings outfits for men African Clothing for Men

    Select from a wide collection of Men's elegant outfits with beautiful embroidery. Hat, long-sleeved Buba, and pants - all with heavy matching embroidery. For special weddings, anniversaries, elegant evening. Your choice of 100% cotton, brocade, kente and more. Men's african wedding attire

    Babariga African attire for weddings, anniverssary

    Clothing for special occasion

    Babariga outfits in 4-piece design. Hat, long-sleeved shirt, Agbada (bubu) and pants. All with heavy, one-of-a-kind matching embroidery. These outfits are for those occasions that are truly special occasions - weddings, anniversaries, official functions.Go to African wedding fashion apparel for men

    Senegalese clothing

    Senegalese-Style Bubus

    Senegalese-style African clothing attires for women with embroidery. In fine cotton brocades and tie-dyed cotton fabrics.

    Africanstyle Dashiki

    Senegalese Bubu and Dashiki

    Dashiki in printed Kente. 3-piece pants, dashiki and hats.

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